Guiding your child through sports



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Playing With Your Child


Sports can have a profound influence on your child’s emotional, physical, mental and social growth. However, there is ONE important factor that we must not overlook – your involvement.


As a parent, you need to take the lead. When you play together with your child, you can influence them in a very positive manner. An example is to be a role model – respect the officials, coaches, teammates and opponents regardless of the circumstances. The conclusions that your child will arrive at through observing your responses and reactions during sports will often become his truth, building the foundation to his character.


When you spend quality time with him and guide him in and through sports, it creates ideal opportunities to educate him on lifelong values that will benefit him in his character development.


All kids love to play, be it general play or in sports. By playing together with your child, you can foster a stronger relationship with him. Whenever you can, guide him along and show your support. At the same time, teach your child to understand that the value of sportsmanship is in striving to win and admitting defeat graciously.


Sliding Activity


Don’t let your busy schedules prevent you from nurturing an active child! Here is one activity that you can be involved in with your child and have great fun at the same time!


What You Need


- Objects found at home, such as stuffed toys, cushions or stationery


How to Play


- Role play with your child – you are a “dragon” and he is “Robin Hood”

- Place objects (dragon’s treasures) behind you

- “Robin Hood” must sneak up behind the “dragon” and steal one treasure at a time

- He must do this by sliding slowly and gently towards the “dragon”, without waking it up

- When “dragon” sneezes, it means that it is about to wake up, so “Robin Hood” must try to slide faster

- When the “dragon” wakes up, “Robin Hood” must freeze or else, he must return all the treasures and start stealing all over again. Activity ends when all the treasures are successfully stolen


Be Aware


This activity requires “Robin Hood” to keep his eyes on the dragon as he slides to steal the treasures. For your child to maintain balance and momentum, his feet should not cross and encourage him to push off with front of feet.


Find out more on how you can play an active role and bond with your kids through fundamental movement skills activities at www.sportonkids.com.sg/fms




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