Foster Your Child’s Creativity



We enrol our children in unlimited enrichment classes, classes that teach them how to read well, spell well, speak well and stay ahead of their peers in academics and sports. But while we pack up our child’s schedule, we neglect one very important aspect of childhood- we forget to give them the time and the opportunity to use their imagination, to be creative.


It is true that not everyone can be as creative as the other, but it is also true that those who get the opportunity and the freedom to explore their creativity in childhood grow up to be independent, confident and creative beings notwithstanding the career path they choose in life.


There are simple ways to foster your child’s inherent creativity;



  • Encourage spontaneity and self-reliance.

  • Give the child plenty of unstructured play time. – Remember that not only toddlers and pre-schoolers but even older children need this time amidst their studies and co-curricular activities.

  • Experiment with the child to identify where his interest lies.

  • Inculcate the habit of reading books from early on. Good books serve as a window to the world and stoke a child’s imagination.

  • Offer avenues to pursue creative options through art, drama and music.

  • Use role playing, clay modelling and other such pursuits to foster creativity.

  • Encourage outdoor play and visits to natural habitats.

  • Provide ample resources to explore, create and experiment.

  • Open the child’s world to infinite possibilities by introducing them to interesting places like art and science galleries, museums and theatre.

  • Introduce creative role-models from family or famous people from different walks of life who can inspire and motivate

  • Share your own experiences and inspirations.

  • Encourage the child’s efforts by appreciating his creations –whether it be a story, poem, sketch or clay model.

  • Let him form his own opinions and viewpoints based on observation.

  • Let him revel in the beauty of nothingness.

  • Give wings to your child’s creativity, let it fly and soar!



  • Don’t burden the child with expectations.

  • Don’t weigh him down with the pressure of performance.

  • Don’t fetter him with your own established beliefs and viewpoints.

  • Do not be overtly critical about his shows of creativity, however immature they may seem to you.

  • Do not stop experimenting or offering him creative avenues if he fails or drops out of one half-way.



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