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All parents would love their kids to excel in pre-school and school years. But can one size of curriculum fit all? We feature Daekyo My Eye Level which sees learning challenges from the child’s perspective.


What makes Daekyo My Eye Level unique than the rest is the underlying philosophy. Their mission of teaching every child at the level most appropriate for his or her individual knowledge, ability and learning style leads to design and tailor enrichment programmes so children can learn and progress steadily at a comfortable pace.


Daekyo My Eye Level Centres emphasize on self-directed learning thereby nurturing Problem Solving, Critical Thinking and Lifelong Learning skills.


The Eye Level education originated from Daekyo, one of the world’s leading companies in the educational service market – it started from South Korea, and currently they have 1258 learning centres in over 20 countries.


My Eye Level Centres have different programs tailor-made for kids from 4 years to 14 years. Eye Level is based on an educational principle where students learn at their own pace. When the learning needs of the students are understood, teaching them becomes very effective.


Conveniently located island wide having 20 centres, Eye Level has branches in Ang Mo Kio, Bedok North, Boon Keng, Bukit Merah, City Square Mall, Kovan and so on.






Curriculum is available in English and Maths. Additional learning facilities like e-learning are made available to students. They maintain Teacher-Student Ratio to 1:8 which is optimal for a teacher to focus on each student. Parents can enrol their kids at any time of the year.




Eye Level Math (suitable for age 4 to 14)


Eye Level Math takes the student through a continuum of study areas covering basic skills, as well as advanced concepts and applications. Each level emphasises critical thinking through reasoning skills that students can apply to everyday life.


It cultivates critical and analytical thinking skills with Basic Thinking Math and Critical Thinking Math. Concepts of Numbers, Equations, Relationships & functions, Probability & statistics, Patterns & relationships, Spatial sense, Problem solving, Geometry etc. are covered in the program.


Eye Level English (suitable for age 3 to 14)


Eye Level English starts at the basic motor skills needed for reading and writing, goes onto the building blocks of grammar and phonics, and then to the more complex concepts that allow the mastery of verbal and written communication. The key language skills to be developed are listening, speaking, reading and writing.


Play Math (suitable for age 3 to 4)


Eye Level Play Math is a programme specifically designed to introduce mathematical concepts through experiential learning most suitable for young children. It includes 60 interactive, brightly coloured mathematical booklets.


Some of the concepts covered in this program include: Sorting and Classifying, Recognising Shapes, Comparing, Recognising Patterns, Matching.


Chinese Junior (suitable for age 4 to 6)


Eye Level Chinese Junior is a systematic Chinese learning programme designed to let students study the four skills of language learning: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The Chinese programme makes learning fun and easy through its role-playing, songs, games and other engaging activities, allowing students to gain confidence in the Chinese language.




Eye Level Korean is a multi-step programme that enables personalised learning at one’s individual literacy level, and it comprised 10 levels that cater to the needs of students in each of the following learning stage like Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced


Average Tuition fees are $140 per month with $30 as registration fees. The fees are not too high to afford for parents.




Find Out What Other Parents Are Saying:




My son – Kok Xing has been with Eye Level since July 2011 when he was 4 years old. He could do simple addition below 10 by counting his fingers when he first started. My husband and I wanted him to have a solid foundation in mental calculation and we are very happy with the progress that he has made at Eye Level.


He can do addition and subtraction of 3-digit numbers with speed and accuracy. The Critical Thinking aspect of this program has taught him to solve geometry and measurement problems. He enjoys completing these colorful and interesting booklets the most.


Testimonial by Mummy Tricia Seetoh

Branch: Jurong East





Eye Level is awesome! After only 3 months in the Math program, my son - Takatoshi Lee is performing very well.


Before he goes to Eye Level, he was using his fingers to count numbers all the time and took so long to answer. I was struggling to teach him how to count without using fingers. Now, he counts quickly using mental calculation. This is a good method and it is now easier for me to help him with his homework.


With Eye Level’s and our support, my son is now disciplined when it comes to studies, concentrates well and has developed good learning habits. In addition, he is motivated, has a desire to learn, sets goals for himself, is confident and has become an independent learner. I believe he has gained so much more from Eye Level than simply academic ability. My son is now advanced in maths, and can accurately and quickly compute calculations mentally. Instructors are fantastic and explain how my son does in the class. I am so appreciative with Eye Level.


Testimonial by Mummy Marie Lee

Branch: Novena Square 2





My daughter - Lim Kai Wei has been with Eye Level since she was six years old. She had acquired a strong foundation in English since joining Eye Level four years ago. It reflected a good example of a well-established programme designed for those who are willing to explore topics beyond the usual school syllabus.


This year, she was lucky to be part of the team who went to Korea for the Eye Level Model United Nations Camp. She looked forward the camp and was counting down to the day she was participating at the camp. Singapore Eye Level Marketing Team did a great job by preparing a set of slides with key information to take note of before the camp which mentally prepared her for what is to come.


Teacher Justina who accompanied them was very patient to the children and took good care of them. She even prepared instant noodles for the kids in case they were not used to the food there.


Testimonial by Mummy Mrs Lim

Branch: Novena Square 2



Website: http://www.myeyelevel.com/

Address: 3501 Jalan Bukit Merah #01-02 Singapore 159460

Phone: 6397 6117








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