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A mother’s desire for quality preschool education for her children is the very foundations Brighton Montessori was established on. What began as a humble enrichment centre by Connie Cho has now grown into over 7 preschool centres across Singapore serving children from all over the world. This is why Brighton Montessori is truly a home away from home for children between the ages of 1.5 years old up to 6 years old!


Following the philosophy of Maria Montessori, the school adapts a hands on learning approach designed to nurture your child into an independent individual equipped with all-rounded skills in preparation for formal schooling. What’s even more assuring about the school for parents is their deliberate effort to operate well below the state regulated Teacher-Child ratios. Parents, you can expect a Teacher-Child ratios of 1:6 for Pre-Nursery up to 1:14 for Kindergarten students! Your child is shown greater attention to learn in a stimulating and progressive manner.


Unique to Brighton Montessori, the Montessori approach focuses on 5 key areas - Practical Life Skills, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics and Cultural Studies. Intensively trained and well versed in the Montessori Method, teachers emphasise on these areas through creative and fun activities that highlight enriching and discovery pursuits for your child.





In developing your child’s independence, concentration, self-control and physical co-ordination, simple concrete exercises that your child has seen adults perform in their daily routines such as pouring water from a jug or spooning pasta from one bowl to another allows your child acquire Practical Life Skills for their daily lives.





Enriched by the world around them, your child is constantly using their Sensorial senses to develop their five senses. Sensorial materials and activities are designed to do just this by aiding and heightening their senses for learning, and isolating quantities such as colour, form, texture, size, weight, sound, smell and dimensions. Your child then develops essential skills such as such as differentiation, independent, judgement, estimations and exactness of perception and perception of similarities and differences which also assist in laying the foundation for future Mathematics work.





Unique to the Montessori Method, the Montessori Mathematics apparatus serve as a concrete method where the children learn concepts of mathematics by working on tangible mathematics equipment such as the Montessori Number Rods and Golden Beads just to name a few. This helps your child gain a clear understanding of the four basic mathematical operations (+, - , x, ¸). They gradually progress on to the abstract level of mental calculations and problem sums to prepare them for formal schooling.





An essential tool of communication is language! Your child learns to read through a series of graded exercises and activities. Through different stages, they first learn phonic sounds through various fun activities and more followed by reading, building and blending words and eventually progress to Consonant Digraphs and Vowel Digraphs. They will eventually graduate to the introduction to Early Grammar, Comprehension and Creative Writing.





In the global world children grow in, Cultural Studies provide the foundation to learn about the world around them as it encompasses Science, Geography, Botany, History and General Knowledge. The Cultural materials and topics which the children manipulate and discuss in the classrooms develop their understanding of the world around them.






At Brighton Montessori, their curriculum and spacious indoor-outdoor environment are aimed at nurturing in your child a creative a creative mind with a love for learning, a loving heart with independence and self-confidence, a lively spirit to share, respect and cooperate with others and a healthy body for physical well being and development.


Read on for a glimpse of what Brighton Montessori might be for your child:


Over the years, we have taught children from all around the world and are heartened by the encouragement we have received from parents. “We are happy that our son loves to go to school. He enjoys meeting his friends and learning at Brighton Montessori. We like the friendly atmosphere and the wonderful learning methods used by Brighton. Our son has benefited from learning through play and is able to socialize well now, He has improved in Math, Phonics and reading too. The teachers focus on his needs and has taught him the joy of learning.” Mr and Mrs Ray Parents of Nishant Ray


“Three years ago, my search for a perfect pre-school for my twins ended at Brighton Montessori. It has all the qualities I was looking for: clean environment, good teachers- to-student ratio, well- planned curriculum, friendly teachers and close proximity to my house. I never look back since then. Under the nurturing of Brighton my sweetie Amanda has changed from a shy little girl to a confident young lady who loves reading and drawing. Gabriel is also no longer the quiet boy he used to be. He is now enthusiastic about school life and enjoys the company of his friends. Thanks to Brighton, both are well prepared for primary school !” Mrs Chiang Parent of Amanda Chiang and Gabriel Chiang




Find a Brighton Montessori near you:


Brighton Montessori Fort Road 16 Fort Road Singapore 439077


Brighton Montessori Frankel Avenue 125 Frankel Avenue Singapore 458235


Brighton Montessori Mountbatten Road 764 Mountbatten Road Singapore 437764


Brighton Montessori Great World City 1 Kim Seng Promenade, #02-41A/42, Great World City, Singapore 237994


Brighton Montessori Sunset Way 41 Sunset Way, #02-01/02 Clementi Arcade Singapore 597071


Brighton Montessori Lotus 35 Lotus Avenue Singapore 277618


Brighton Montessori The Grassroots' Club 190 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, #02-01 The Grassroots Club Singapore 568046










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