Teaching Children to be Loyal – Lesson 4: Loyalty




We all love My Little Pony not only because it is entertaining but also because the characters give important life lessons to kids. We all appreciate Rainbow Dash for her immense loyalty. In many testing situations, she always chooses to be with her friends and doesn’t leave their side.


Loyalty is a quality that counts a lot in everyone’s life. As a parent, we have to ensure that our kids are loyal – to their friends, family, studies or for that matter any task they do!


Here are some tips to instil the value of Loyalty in kids since young age:



Make Them Understand the True Meaning of Loyalty


It is important that kids understand the true sense of loyalty. Supporting their siblings or friends in bad deeds example: bunking school and going for a movie, stealing things cannot be termed as loyalty.


Loyalty is an attitude that teaches to care for who you love and results in actions that are beneficial to each other. It teaches to look for siblings’ or friends’ needs even if we have to sometimes sacrifice our own needs.


Loyalty teaches kids to commit and to persevere.




Demonstrate Your Own Loyalty


Parents are always fiercely loyal towards children. But it is important to demonstrate that with examples that kids would understand. It is important that we tell children that we will be there for them always – even in hard times. Example: Telling them that we will pick them up from school exactly at 5:00 PM even if you have office and even if you have to rush.


Take credit for your loyalty, because it is the best way to instill the same qualities into your children.




Appreciate Every Act of Loyalty of Kids


Praising your children to reinforce the value Loyalty is necessary. Say Thank You to kids when they are on time or when they help you or their younger siblings. For example, when elder sibling helps you in taking care of younger, say “Thank you my dear for your help. I can always count on you to help your brother.” OR when the younger sibling shares toy with the elder, appreciate him as well.




Ample Family Bonding Time


Parents should provide for opportunities for the family time even if they are busy in their routines. Be it having breakfast / dinner together, going for weekend getaways, attending each other’s school events or simple going together for grocery shopping can lead to big family fun and happy moments.


We have to encourage conversations among the family. Then children can share any problems they are facing among each other or on the outside. Through such discussions and sharing of ideas, children develop a close friendship and a closer sibling union. Develop a sense of community within your home and family for your children.


That ultimately builds strong sense of Loyalty among them.




Avoid Favouritism and Competition among Siblings


The moment parents demonstrate favouritism towards one child, other child will feel unappreciated. Of course as a parents, we definitely do not want children feel insecure and feel intimidated by siblings. Each child is special and unique in its own ways and brings different qualities to the family. We have to be equally proud of all our kids.


Also, do not encourage competition among siblings. It can raise concerns if it turns negative and in the adulthood, it takes the form of rivalry. Instead of competition, parents should encourage support among siblings and inculcate co-operation that leads to higher sense of loyalty.




Let the Kids Resolve their Own Conflicts


Children need to learn how to address and work through conflicts. Let them talk to each other to resolve the conflicts. This will teach your children that just because a conflict arises, the relationship between the two parties doesn't need to end. Conflict Resolution will lead to greater strengthening of relationships and loyalty.



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