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Every child differs from one another. This is no different with their learning pace and development. At Stamford Education Preschool, your child is exposed to a programme individually tailored to his learning pace, making for an unconventional and highly effective learning approach.


Going beyond basic care into holistic nurturing, ​Stamford’s award-winning Whole Brain Training System ignites a passion and ability to achieve in every child. The system focuses on developing your child’s five key facets: Language, Math, General Knowledge, Motor Skills and Character Development to emerge as worldly and all-rounded achiever at Stamford Education.


Unlike regular preschools, he will achieve amazing feats with Stamford like reading The Straits Times fluently, perform mental calculations, and even problem solve with models and their peers. The school’s strong focus on memory enhancement and focus and concentration training develops your child’s cognitive skills to better their information processing, reasoning, interpreting, analyzing, synthesizing and language learning.





And of course, what is learning without its element of fun and play! In combining Smarts, Character and Happiness (SHC), Stamford encourages a ‘learn through play’ environment to instill confidence and joy in your child’s learning experience. At Stamford’s Brain Gym, your child takes charge of his own learning.


With over 3,000 square feet to boot as Singapore’s largest outdoor brain gym equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, the learning opportunities are endless for your child. Kids also get to hone their motor skills in the indoor gym with the Treadmill, Weight-lifting and Space Walker machines!





Day to day, students think out of the box to build their own colourful gym playground and create their very own obstacle course with a purpose. Problem-solving skills and teamwork is taught when they bond together and problem-solve for solutions. This ability to construct their own fun stimulates your child’s ability to strategize and develop creative solutions to solve problems through team spirit as they bond together.





With Stamford’s Whole Brain Training System, your child is nurtured into global citizens armed with a broader sense of the world’s different cultures and traditions. This unique global mindset and essential skills learnt at Stamford Education will give your child an edge when he progresses into primary education.


Watch Anakin’s video diary on how he once had no ability to speak in English into a fast reader, armed with good vocabulary before joining Stamford Education:



Visit Stamford Education’s open houses every Saturday and Sunday to experience the environment, and have a chat with the teachers to understand more about the curriculum and what they have to offer for your little one!



Website: www.stamford.edu.sg/


Stamford Education Preschools are located at:

Orchard Road Branch

40A Orchard Road Macdonald House

#04-01 Singapore 238838


Bugis Branch

101 Beach Road, The 101 Building #02-01 Singapore 189703


Parkway Branch

1 Marine Parade Central, Parkway Centre #13-04/07 Singapore 449408


SAFRA Punggol Branch

9 Sentul Crescent, #04-07 Punggol, Singapore 828654








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