Helping Kids to be a Leader – Lesson 3: Leadership




Whenever we think leaders and kids together, one name that comes in mind is Twilight Sparkle. Twilight Sparkle showcases amazing organization and teaching skills throughout My Little Pony Episodes and emerges as a Leader. Her intelligence and level-headed attitude always win hearts.


Kids love Twilight Sparkle and it would be great for parents to take this opportunity and instill leadership qualities in them.


Here are some ways to help your kids to be a Leader:



Set a Good Example


Parents have to showcase their own leadership qualities so that kids will learn from the parents. Example: you can show the kids how you balance and excel in office as well as home. Watching parents tackle and overcome tricky times also gives leadership goals to kids. Parents make themselves accountable and committed for family and thereby teach kids to be leaders in their peer group.




Recognize and Reward the Qualities of a “Leader”


Positive attitude, Commitment, Excellence are some of the Leadership qualities that kids display unknowingly in their day-to-day activities. Parents should recognize these qualities and appreciate the kids. This will encourage them to demonstrate the same behaviour and will help them in taking lead in various life situations.




Encourage Group activities


Early on, identify your children’s interests and encourage their participation in group activities. Whether it’s joining summer camps, sports or drama classes, kids would learn the importance to work in teams and adjust with different types of people. That helps them to voice out their concerns, give suggestions and ideas.




Emphasize to handle Success and Failure with equal Grace


Leaders don’t let success go to their heads and they also handle failure with a pinch of salt. Parents have to let the kids face disappointment of failure rather than always protect them from it. Kids will learn to handle the loss and move forward by putting more efforts next time.


We have to emphasize that it is okay to let some other team win or someone else become class monitor. Also, we should not overly praise the kids for their success.




Hone Decision-making and Negotiation Skills


Let kids start taking small decisions in their daily routine example: which clothes to wear, schedule their own study timetable. Such tasks allow them to take their own decisions and stick to them. It also makes them accountable for their acts.


It is also important to hone negotiation skills. Adjustments and Compromise is something all leaders master. Rather than answering in “Yes” or “No”, give various options to kids and let them negotiate with them. This will facilitate them to choose what’s best for them and give- n-take skills which are important leadership qualities.




Involve Kids in Planning and Teach Project Planning Skills


As a family, we all have picnics, visiting relatives, reunion dinners and loads of other activities lined up. As you prepare, don’t leave children out of the planning process.


Parents can treat each event as though it were a business project, holding brainstorming sessions and delegating smaller tasks to your young family members. Kids learn to take lead in such activities and give their best to contribute towards its success.




Don’t Lunge in to Save them!


Parents have natural tendency to swoop in and save kids whenever something less than perfect is about to happen. It is hard to sit by and not “fix” something for your child that you can easily fix. Unfortunately, this makes kids too dependent on parents and doesn’t allow them to face their own fears, to challenge the situations on their own. So hold back and let kids decide!




Develop Kids’ EQ


EQ or Emotional Intelligence affects how we manage behaviour, steer complexities and make personal decisions that achieve constructive results.


Just like everything else, children also learn emotional intelligence from their parents. EQ is one of the biggest drivers of successful Leadership.


Kids should be taught to accurately identify their emotions as they happen. Allowing kids to express their feelings openly, listening to them carefully, teaching them problem solving are some of the ways to nurture their EQ.


Children who develop a high level of EQ carry these skills into adulthood, and this gives them a big boost up in leadership and in life.



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