Potty Training Basics






Are you afraid of potty training your child? Here are some tips you that can guide through the loo.


A couple with 27-month old son feels nervous on deciding to teach their child on how to use the toilet. The mother firmly believes that they can ditch the diapers over a long week. Being afraid grows usually from small often incorrect seed of doubt. An idea will irk your brain that will eventually become a problem. With toddlers, it seems that they understand what you teach them but do the exact opposite. As a parent, you started to think that something is wrong with your method.


As expected, their first day didn’t work very well. Over a day of exhaustion, you will still be hopeful that you can through it. By weekend, she almost lost her control with all the tantrums and cleaning of pees. But still on the fourth day, she still wants to calm down. Feeling troubled, she discussed with her partner that their son will wear diapers forever. But her husband assured that it is okay and one day their son will understand it.


Until one day, their son suddenly stopped playing with his trains, walked over to his potty and peed. He finally got it and understood.





While potty training is an ongoing process for their little boy, she looked back on how they can get through with their dilemmas. It is hard to understand but if you feel that you are so worried that you are not doing it right, here are some expert tips that can help:


Make and be firm on your solid plan


Chaos will definitely be part of the process, but you have to understand that your decision to potty train your child is the key to keep you calm. Read books and articles, and pick the method that you want to follow. You have to keep in mind that your choice is what you think is the right approach.


A licensed psychologist in Newpoprt Beach, California and the creator of PoGO’s Positive Potty Training System, Maria Darcy, Ph.D. said that, “If the parent is doing it with a sense of urgency, stress, or uncertainty, then even the most ready child will pick up on that anxiety and stress. The most important thing is to be confidently prepared and flexible.”


Do not compare experiences


Author of Oh Crap! Potty Training: Everything Modern Parents Need to Know Do It Once and Do It Right, Jamie Glowackie said that, “Potty training is not a measure of your parenting – and that’s the key to remember.” As a lot of people measures the success of parenting through potty training, what effectively worked with your friend’s child will not work with your child as well. Better avoid posting on social media about the topic. It is much easier to focus on your child and your own parenting.


Take a break


To avoid a trouble, give yourself a break. Sometimes you need to delegate the task to someone for few minutes and have some meditation or snack. Do something that will regain your energy back from training your child. Both you and your child will be better for it.


Learn to breathe


As Glowacki said, “I tell parents to take a breath on their words. It calms everything down and make you speak slower so you don’t get shrill and high-pitched when talking to your child.” Focused breathing can ease your anxiety and will allow you to calmly ask yourself and your child as well.


Get a support system


It is better to team up with your partner in potty training your child. It will be happier and both of you can take on breaks. You may also seek for a friend’s time but be careful to talk about potty training with lots of people. In the same book of Dr. Darcy, “In your moments of doubt, [read] about what to do when you don’t think your child is ever going to learn. It can normalize the anxiety and fear. Probably the most important thing to do at this time is just breathe.”


Have faith in your kid


If you believe that your child can achieve this significant yet hard step, then confidence will shine through along the way. In this way, it will also help you to be less anxious and be stronger through the process.







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