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Pregnancy Nutrition: Probiotics during Pregnancy

Nutrition for mummies and babies during pregnancy is of utmost importance for our parents...


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Early Learning Village

Architecturally designed with young learners in mind, Stamford American’s extraordinary new...


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One Parenting Trick We can Learn from Royalty


This is the one parenting trick practised by Prince William and Kate Middleton that we all need to practise as parents. Read on to find out what it is.


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What kind of enrichment should your child have?



Never settle when it's for your child! Make sure that you pick the right choices for your child.


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5 Ways to Boost Your Baby's Creativity



You can pass on the expensive educational toys. And forget the custom apps. You don’t need them to boost your baby’s creativity, because she already comes equipped with everything she needs to be creative—her natural instincts and you.


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10 Activities to Improve Your Toddler's Development



Toddlers are sensory learners who love to touch, smell, and taste to understand the world around them. Use a dark marker to trace letters of the alphabet and/or numbers onto poster paper; then have your tot decorate the letters with textured items such as sandpaper, beans, cotton balls, pastas, and pipe cleaners.


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Seven Ways to Raise a Compassionate Child



You surround your little one with love and care. Here’s how to make sure that your cutie will grow up to be caring and kindhearted too.


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What’s Your Parenting Style?



There are certain dimensions or determinants based on which the parenting style can be assessed and attributed to every parent.


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Birth of a Sibling – How to Prepare Your Older Child



The birth of a baby is always an exciting and challenging time for the parents to-be.  There is the usual scramble to prepare the house for the newborn- baby cot, diapers, clothing, confinement nanny and so on and so forth.


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Every Child can Succeed!



“Everyone is smarter than me.” Caley was a nine year old girl riddled with self doubt. Her peers around her seemed to be enjoying life better – they had more fun while playing and they scored the sort of grades she wish she could show her parents. Caley wished she were like them.


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Foster Your Child’s Creativity



We enrol our children in unlimited enrichment classes, classes that teach them how to read well, spell well, speak well and stay ahead of their peers in academics and sports.


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Reading aloud to children - How to enhance the story-telling experience?



All children love to be read to. Reading not only whets the child’s appetite for books and fosters the child’s imagination, the simple act of sharing a read together creates a special bonding time between the parent and child.


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Learning to Read 200 Words



Over the 21+ years that I have been teaching or helping teach babies to read, or the more than 16 years that YBCR has been available,


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Social Development in Preschoolers



It’s also important to recognize that at this age his friends are not just playmates. They also actively influence his thinking and behaviour.


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Guiding your child through sports



Sports can have a profound influence on your child’s emotional, physical, mental and social growth. However, there is ONE important factor that we must not overlook – your involvement.


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Cognitive Development through Play



Do we let our children play enough? Probably not. The surprising fact of the matter is that children have so much more to benefit from play than we might think so.


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Knowing When to ‘Step Back’



As parents we are constantly confronted with images of children in danger in the media, in reports of childhood accidents, abuse and neglect.


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Will your child be READY for the FUTURE?



Let's face it, the pressure for kids to perform academically is great. For some, this burden they carry upon their shoulders is light. For others, it is enough to make them crumble.


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How Nutrition supports Physical Development and Kinaesthetic Learning in Children?



Have you noticed how a nine month old baby seems to be using most of his limbs and all his senses towards the accomplishment of one simple goal such as grabbing a toy?


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Media Exposure - How much is too much?



Media Exposure of kids, through Television, Internet and Gaming devices, begins at a very tender age these days and the time a child spends wired in is alarmingly high.


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Dirty Kids = Healthy Kids = Happy Kids



As concerned parents, we always preach the benefits of cleanliness and good hygiene to our children.


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Parenting – Are Tiger Moms for Real?



Amy Chua (a Chinese Singaporean based in the US, an author and a Yale Professor)‘s rocked the cradle in homes – literally with her parenting memoir, ‘Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother’, in year 2011.


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How to Create a Voracious Reader for Life?



Follow these tips to nurture your child’s aptitude for reading in his/ her early years and create a voracious reader for life!


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