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6 Tips to Prepare your Preschooler for More Independence


It’s heartwarming, and at the same time frightening, to see your preschooler wanting to feed your beloved pet...


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Unlocking Your Children’s Cognitive Potential!



Our children’s brain grows the fastest in their first six years! This makes it of utmost importance for us...


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DHA for the Picky Eaters!




The early years of your child’s life is a period of incredible growth. During this time, it is important that our...


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Potty Training Basics



Are you afraid of potty training your child? Here are some tips you that can guide through the loo...


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Teaching Pre-schoolers Good Manners


Are you having a hard time raising your preschoolers with the right manners and good conduct?


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Should We Ignore or Should We Not?



Many of the popular books discuss about managing children’s unpleasant behaviors (whining, tattling, screaming, tantruming, name-calling…) include a similar “strategy” for raising young children.  Adults should ignore a child’s unwanted behaviors.


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Seven Ways to Raise a Compassionate Child



You surround your little one with love and care. Here’s how to make sure that your cutie will grow up to be caring and kindhearted too.


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Greedy Kids - How to Stop the Gimme-Gimmes



“My preschooler always wants me to buy him whatever he sees — a toy, candy, even random objects he can’t possibly use. How do I stop the gimme-gimmes and avoid raising a selfish child?”


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Discipline Strategies All Parents Can Use



Breaking the rules is one way kids learn right from wrong. You can help your little ones control their impulses and navigate the road toward model behavior with these savvy tactics.


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How to Prevent Spoiled Children



“I have friends who always had trouble saying ‘no’ to their little ones, and now they’re dealing with pretty demanding older kids. How do I make sure I don’t raise a spoiled toddler?”


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Birth of a Sibling – How to Prepare Your Older Child



The birth of a baby is always an exciting and challenging time for the parents to-be.  There is the usual scramble to prepare the house for the newborn- baby cot, diapers, clothing, confinement nanny and so on and so forth.


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Social Development in Preschoolers



It’s also important to recognize that at this age his friends are not just playmates. They also actively influence his thinking and behaviour.


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Helping to Minimise Sibling Rivalry



Sibling rivalry is natural and normal. Many children compare themselves to their siblings, and often seem to be competing for their parents’ attention. However, if sibling rivalry has become so intense that one child is appearing to suffer anxiety, or is beginning to lose motivation towards learning, then it is time to take action.


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