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For busy parents whose job or business requires you to travel, one way to keep some family time intact is to piggy-back your family with you on work trips! Recently, Andrene and her kids joined Dad on his work trip to Bangkok. The mother of two – a four and a five-year-old – shared with us about the family vacation to the busy capital of Thailand.


Q: Where did you stay while you were in Bangkok?

We stayed at the Pan Pacific Serviced Suites at Sukhumvit 55 as it was near to my husband’s working place. The service suite is spacious with a living and dining room and is even equipped with a microwave and washing machine.


Q: How did you travel around?

My main mode of transportation was by taxi. Even though Bangkok is notorious for its bad traffic jams, I still chose to travel by taxi as it is simply easier to manage when you are travelling with two kids. There is no need to squeeze with so many people on the train and I definitely appreciate the aircon in the taxi! It was only in the evenings when I had my husband around (an extra pair of eyes and hands to take care of the kids) that we took the train.


Q: What are the top five things parents NEED to pack in their luggage when travelling with young children?

1. Wet wipes

2. Colouring books/sheets and colour pencils

3. Hats

4. Comfortable sandals

5. Kids’ baby shampoo and body bath (as those provided by the hotels might not be too suitable for younger children.)


Q: What were your kid’s favourite places and activities?

Their favourite place was the Purr Cat Cafe. In Singapore they never had the chance to get up close with cats. The Purr Cat Cafe was a good opportunity for them to stroke and play with cats.


Q: What were you and your husband’s favourite places and activities?

Our favourite place was Asiatique The Riverfront because it has everything! Good food to satisfy any man’s stomach, great shopping for the women and activities such as the Ferris wheel and bumper car rides for the kids (and the whole family)!


Q: What is a MUST-TRY for anyone who plans to visit?

Taking the river boat dinner cruise along Chao Praya river. There are many different types of cruises to choose from. The experience of having a fantastic view along the river while you enjoy your dinner is simply unforgettable.


Q: What is the ideal time frame for a holiday to Bangkok with young children?


Five days. Anything longer than that and my kids usually start yearning for familiarity. They start missing their friends at school, missing their grandparents, missing the dog and so on.


Q: Is there a good range of food options for fussy stomachs?

Yes. Besides Thai food, there are plenty of options similar to food we eat in Singapore. We ate mostly local Thai food at restaurants or food court. For the children, who cannot take too much spicy food (most Thai dishes are spicy), we ordered fried rice, wanton noodles and chicken rice. There was also a lot of Japanese restaurants at the area we were staying (because of the Japanese community in the area) so we had Japanese food on some days.


Q: What are your top tips for families travelling to Bangkok?

For younger kids and babies, bring and use a carrier instead of stroller. The streets are very crowded, pavements are broken and trains are crowded, hence using a stroller is not advisable!


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