Asia's Largest Learn Through Play Festival 2016




From 12-14 August, Rise & Shine is bringing the best attended Learn Through Play festival in Asia to town. Children can learn new things and discover their talents while having fun through 50-odd activities we have specially prepared for you and your family. There are also ample programmes for parents such as parenting seminars, toys & books fair, and much more! 


Date: 12-14, August 2016 (Friday - Sunday)

Venue: Suntec Convention Centre, Hall 403-406


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Free Planetarium Shows! The First at Rise & Shine Festival!



Planetariums are theaters that project images of the starry sky and countless spectacular objects we find in our universe, creating educational experiences that teach astronomy and related sciences. By showing the fascinating discoveries in astronomy and space exploration, planetariums are now a major tool in increasing science literacy.


Be the first to see this EXCLUSIVE PLANETARIUM at Asia’s Largest Learn Through Play Festival. Limited slots available so don't miss out!


Age: Suitable for children aged 5 & above

Price: Free



 Meet & Greet with Pororo and Friends!



They are lovable! They are fun! And they sing & dance! It’s a great time to get up close and personal with your favourite characters, and even take some memorable shots together. We bet even mummy and daddy will be grinning away like little children! Be sure to reserve your space, as they are sure to be snapped up quickly!


Age: Suitable for children at all ages

Price: Free





All Stars Program: Assess Your Child's Talents!



To meet today's growing demands, it is crucial for any parents to understand their child’s strengths and weakness. But how do you identify what they are? 


Let your child rise to the challenge and test his/her skills on English literacy, multiple intelligence, music, dancing, gyms, and many more! Talented individuals will win FREE SPONSORSHIP each day!! 


Age: Suitable for children aged 3 & above

Price: Free


Register now to get the FREE All Stars Programme Assessment Card today!





Adventure Passport: Enjoy Fun & Enriching Activities and Get Goodie Bag!



 Children can also go around a series of booth loaded with fun and enriching activities to collect the stamps on their adventure passport! Once they complete their journey, they will win GOODIE BAGS!


Age: Suitable for children aged 3 & above

Price: Free


Register for your FREE Adventure Passport today!






Parenting Seminar with Pamela Lim, The Gifted Educator



How do you know if your child is truly gifted? Can we nurture our children to be gifted?


Join Pamela Lim, an internationally renowned gifted educator, who will share her own experience in helping her children accelerate through academic success as well as her insights into how Singaporean parents can raise their children beyond any disabilities and bring out their best potentials.



For Parents with Toddlers Aged 6 Months - 6 Years: 


Date/Time: 1PM - 6PM / 14 August 2016 (SUN)

Price: Singe Ticket $80 / Couple Ticket $120


*EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: Enter promo code PL2 for 20% Off ticket prices for first 30 registrants!





For Parents with Children Aged 7 & Above:


Date/Time: 9AM - 1PM / 13 August 2016 (SAT)

Price: Singe Ticket $80 / Couple Ticket $120


*EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: Enter promo code PL2 for 20% Off ticket prices for first 30 registrants!






COMING UP MORE: 3 Full Days of Funs, Entertainment, and Educational Goodness! 




  • Theatrical Performances will have you and your family excited with doses of laughter and wonderment!
  • Kids' Workshop offers tons of enrichment activities your child can try out and have fun!
  • Contests & Games are lining up with prizes that your child cannot resist!
  • Toys & Books Fair presents our curated selection of popular toys and educational resources at exclusive price!

We still have many more programmes & activities coming up, so stay tuned by following us on our Facebook Event Page! 













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