A Week Away At Langkawi Island



Looking for a short getaway to chill and relax together as a family? Langkawi Island in Malaysia might be an ideal option!


We talked to mummy Elaine – mother to a 6-year-old boy and an 8-year-old girl – who spent the recent March school holiday away in Langkawi with the family. Here’s what she had to say about the trip, with her tips for travelling with the young ones!

Why did you choose to visit Langkawi for your family vacation?

We wanted a “resort” type of holiday so that both parents and kids could just chill and relax. Moreover, as the March school holiday was only one week, Langkawi was ideal since it was so near (about 1.5 hours by flight from Singapore).


Where did you stay while you were in Langkawi?

We stayed in Berjaya Langkawi Resort at Burau Bay, which was further away from the main beach area which is Cenang beach; hence it was less crowded and we had more privacy! At the same time, we wanted a hotel/resort which was family and kid-friendly and ideally had lots of space for the kids to run around.


We were pleasantly surprised that Berjaya Langkawi Resort had lots of fauna and flora, and that the villas were kind of like little “kampong houses” on stilts but with modern facilities, spread along the beach and hillside. We can hardly find resorts like this in Singapore!


How did you travel around?

Realizing that the location was pretty secluded, we rented a car at the resort itself so that we could have the flexibility to travel around. With the help of GPS, it was really easy to drive around the island!

What things in your luggage did you realise were lifesavers when travelling with your kid?

For this trip, definitely the sunblock lotion and light clothing (both for the kids and the adults) because it was extremely hot in Langkawi! The locals told us that it had not rained for months. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the sun was directly overhead.


What were your kids’ favourite places and activities?

I think they had a really great time at the Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls (Seven Wells Waterfalls), where we had to hike 638 steps up to the top of the mountain. They had a good dip in the seven connecting pools there.


They had fun gliding down the slippery rocks (which were not too steep) right into the pools! The water was clear and cold, simply perfect for a hot day.


The kids enjoyed playing on the beach as well, simply building sandcastles and digging holes. They could have stayed on the beach forever and forever. As the sea was pretty calm with little wave current, they were able to swim quite a bit in the sea as well.


What were you and your husband’s favourite places and activities?

Needless to say – it’s the food! We had really fresh and reasonably priced fresh seafood in Langkawi Island.  Activities-wise, we loved the stunning view from the Sky Bridge at Mount Mat Cinchang. It was beautiful during sunset! The private speedboat ride to the bat cave and eagle watch was pretty cool too. 


What is a MUST-TRY for anyone who plans to visit?

- Do the climb to Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls.

- Take the cable car ride up to see the Sky Bridge (which I thought was magnificently built!).

- Take the private speedboat to see the mangrove, bat cave and do the eagle watching.

- Even just simply chilling at the beach or pool is great.


Are there any good, child-friendly tours that you recommend?

Most resorts offer day tours. As we had our own rented car, we just drove to the different attractions and bought the tickets on the spot ourselves. We found that htis was easier and more flexible. It was cheaper than following the tours and we could take the time to enjoy each attraction!


What is the ideal time frame for a holiday to Langkawi Island with young children?

We were in Langkawi Island for about 5 days. I am sure there were a lot more to offer in the island, but for activities with the kids, I think we pretty much did most of the main attractions. Moreover it was just too hot to keep staying out in the sun for too long. Hence 5 days was pretty sufficient for us!


Is there a good range of food options for fussy stomachs? What and where did your family mostly eat?

There were lots local and international eateries along Cenang beach, especially seafood restaurants which served very fresh and reasonably-priced seafood. For kids or adults who are fussy with food, perhaps it would be safest to eat in the hotel restaurants. They are usually pricier but they offer a good variety of Asian and international meals.


For our family, both we and the kids were pretty adventurous with food! We tried the local roadside stalls that cooked really yummy fried rice and noodles, and we had their teh tarik and bandung drinks as well. 


For proper meals, we went for seafood, had an international buffet in the hotel and tried some cafes and restaurants along the beach that served fabulous western food, such as pizza and pasta.


Watching the sunset while the kids played on the beach, sipping a glass of cocktail and having a variety of food served to us was just heavenly!


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