Combatting Vitamin Deficiency


As much as pediatricians recommend a natural diet of vitamins through home-cooked meals, just how many time-crunched parents are able to do that all the time? When time is always a challenge, vitamin deficiencies have become more and more common in children. Today, parents are faced with 4 common vitamin deficiencies in their children - Iron deficiency, Calcium, Vitamin D and Vitamin A.



Iron is responsible for helping red blood cells transport oxygen across our bodies. It also plays a key role in brain and muscle function, energy creation and brain development. Since Vitamin C is an ascorbic acid, it strongly enhances the absorption of iron as well. A lack of iron in the blood can lead to iron-deficiency anemia as well as learning and behavioral problems. Your child will experience tiredness, weakness, have pale skin and a low appetite.


As a child’s body grows, their bones and muscles grow as well. Building strong and healthy bones from as young as an infant is key as this process is completed by the end of their teen years. To achieve this, their bodies require an adequate intake of calcium. Calcium is the main building block for strong, healthy bones and is found in milk, one of the best sources of this vitamin. These days, when soda drinks are way more enticing than milk, it’s not surprising that they don’t get enough calcium through milk. Here’s the recommended daily calcium intake for your child:




Another vitamin that helps your child’s bones grow, develop properly and stay strong is Vitamin D! It is also responsible for the growth of our teeth, muscles, immunity and cell division. While Vitamin D is readily available from sunlight, excessive sunlight exposure can lead to sunburn, sun damage and even skin cancer. Moreover like Vitamin C, Vitamin D helps our bodies absorb calcium. Vitamin D deficiency is common if children spend most of their time indoors with minimum or no exposure to the sun or have a condition that affects how the body controls the vitamin levels. A deficiency in calcium and Vitamin D can cause rickets, delayed motor development, muscle weakness, aches and pains, and sometimes fractures.


To boost your child’s immunity, normal vision and cell development, Vitamin A is crucial. A deficiency in Vitamin A can cause visual impairment like night blindness. As Vitamin A is responsible for your child’s immunity, an inadequate intake of it can increase the risk of your child contracting illnesses and death from childhood infections like measles.



However, for every vitamin deficiency, there’s always a solution for challenged parents out there!

In a glance, these are the fruits your child can consume to boost their intake for each vitamin:



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