8 Tips for Working Parents: Juggling Work And Home




In today’s world, most parents try to juggle family and their work commitments in a bid to help supplement the family’s finances and to provide more opportunities for their kids. Together with Learning Vision at Raffles Place, we checked in with some parents working in the CBD and came up with 8 easy tips for all our working mums and dads!



1. Work The Work-Life Balance Through: Start With Prioritizing


Here’s a fun fact. The Work-Life Balance is only possible for the disciplined. But for us mortals, instead of hankering for a work-life balance (and getting stressed over it), set out your daily priorities and work through them. Slow and steady.


Make a list of all the priorities you have in a day the night before. Plan important dates all in advance and colour code them in your calendar to remember. This way, you will be able to accommodate both work requirements and commitments at home. A little better. 






2. Don't Let Guilt Get You


Working mothers around us shared how they feel irresponsible at times, especially if they resumed working after the second child.


Focus on the key reason to why you had returned to the workforce or are still here – you want to give the best for your child and family. If it is proving to be difficult to overcome this, take time to discuss with your manager and HR about flexible arrangements or working from home.


Or, instead of feeling guilty, stay focused at work to complete your priorities in the day and reserve all the time in the night for your child. Again, slow and steady. 





3. Know Your Childcare Options


It is important to be clear who and where your child can be cared for as you work. We cannot stress this any further. As working parents, it is important for us to trust the caregivers who are looking after our child. It can be your parents, in-laws, domestic help, baby sitter, child minding services or preschool.


If you decide on sending your child to a preschool, set your own criteria. Key factors: experience of the caregiver, location, reputation of the childcare, etc. 


Check out more of what you need to look out for with our early childhood experts!





4. Choose Your Morning Battles


We’re talking about the “I don’t want to go to school” and “Stay with me and don’t go to work” battles. More than 70% of the parents we spoke with had this quick tip to resolve this – Prep what you need in the night and take it slow in the morning.


Spending some quality time with the kids before all of us set off (without the mad rush in the morning) can help calm children down better.


Your priority is to get them inducted in a morning habit. By instilling a practice to prepare everything beforehand aids them to be mentally prepared for what’s in store in the morning. 





5. Work During Working Hours. Strictly No Work At Home.


A great way to create something close to a work-life balance is not to work at home. And to achieve that, limit lesser priorities or time-wasters during your working hours. Catching up on the latest gossip in the office or surfing for your next vacation getaway will distract you from accomplishing your priorities.


Rule of thumb. Don’t multitask. Only about 10% of the population can multitask effectively. We’re assuming that you are like us, the 90% that is. 





6. Create Family Activities


Weekends are best to take a breather away from work and catch up with the family. Need ideas to plan for the weekend?


For quick brainstorms on what to do in the weekend, create simple categories with your kids like picnic, playgrounds, fun-in-the-sun, write them on paper and crunch them up. Put them in a weekend jar and have the kids pick an activity every Friday morning!


Giving them something to look forward to makes your TGIF easier too! 





7. Spend Time With Your Partner


Often the one who gets the most neglected is our partners. Arrange for caregivers to watch over the kids for a Saturday and spend time nurturing the relationship with your partner. Simple messages to your partner during the day are great ways to remind them how much you appreciate them and love them!





8. Create Moments For Yourself


Most importantly, take time for yourself. Spend time to pamper yourself, go for a quick run or a gym session. Or pick up a book! If you are up to it, take up meditation classes or allocate time to do a gratitude journal every day. These are great ways to stay positive, reflect and remain forward looking. Get recharged for another day’s challenges!





For working parents who need some tips for supporting your child's language and literacy at home, we also have prepared a FREE e-Book! Those interested, send an email request to kenneth.lai@riseandshine-expo.com!








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