7 Ways to Boost Your Preschoolers' Immunity




Children come into this world with inexperienced immune systems, yet they require highly engaging environments for growth, and naturally, that means being exposed to harmful bacteria is inevitable. It’s virtually impossible for you to protect them from the endless waves of germs and viruses they come in contact with every day. What you can do, though, is adopt healthy habits that will give their immune system the boost it needs to fend off those naughty viruses.


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Exercise promotes blood circulation and body functions that will benefit their immunity but instead of nudging them out to play, make it a point to exercise with them! Research shows that regular activity increases the number of natural killer cells in children, and in adults, so it’s a win-win! Have a little game of Freeze and Melt in the park, cycle together or even spice it up with a friendly competition of shooting hoops. This makes exercise not only so much fun but also a great family bonding opportunity!





Having enough sleep is one thing, what’s vital is for children to have quality sleep. Depending on their age, children need 10 to 14 hours of sleep per day, and for proper secretion of melatonin (sleep hormones); they need to sleep in complete darkness, i.e. without a nightlight. Electromagnetic frequencies are also known to affect sleep quality so make sure your child’s room is unplugged – meaning no electrical devices are left plugged in, if possible, it’s best to have them removed from the room entirely.





Educating your child on good hygiene from a young age will ensure that they inculcate good hygiene through their lives. Bear in mind that it doesn’t always have to be in the form of a nag or lecture. You can make it fun and enjoyable; make up a hand-washing jingle or come up with a special dance while they brush their teeth. The more they look forward to it, the easier it will be for you to keep them clean (in fact they are keeping themselves clean), germ-free and healthy!





With regard to strengthening immune systems, it’s better to live by the saying, “If you can’t fight it, embrace it!”. Harmful bacteria may seem detrimental, but are they the real enemy or actually building blocks for immunities? Children’s immune systems need to be trained to get strongerand if antibiotics are administered each time they get sick, their bodies won’t learn to fight its own battles. Pretty soon, even the antibiotics itself will lose its effect and stubborn bacteria will be that much more difficult to treat.





It is unfortunate that even toddlers have their fair share of stress. Stress is one of the major factors contributing to the downfall of immunity systems so do not deem it insignificant to children. They tend to live in the present and enjoy taking time to experience the world, so if parents over-schedule them for different activities and disregard their rhythm, they are actually capable of feeling stressed. Try to plan ahead, allow for processing and stick to a schedule. Studies have also shown that laughter and health have a positive correlation, so get them chuckling their way to great health!





Phytonutrients like Vitamin C and carotenoids are found in most fruits and vegetables like carrots, oranges, and strawberries, and they increase the body’s production of infection-fighting white blood cells and interferon, an antibody that coats cell surfaces, which in turn blocks out viruses. While they are beneficial to children’s immune systems, these are foods that we daresay are unlikely to make it to the top of their Favourite Foods list.





Children tend to observe us more than we realise, they pick up on tiny details so quickly that by the time they learn something that you don’t want them to, it may be too late. You can turn this to your advantage if you practise good hygiene habits yourself. Make sure they see you wash your hands and brush your teeth frequently and they’ll follow in your footsteps!

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