5 Minutes With Kenneth On Melbourne


Think of Australia and what comes to mind are sandy beaches, wildlife, sheep, forestry, grass that stretch out for miles on end… Whatever it is, it is almost always a picture of a leisurely escape into nature.


In today’s travel interview, daddy Kenneth shows us how, even with a four-year-old in tow, a trip to Melbourne proves to be a relaxing, enjoyable retreat for the whole family!

Why did you choose to visit Victoria, Melbourne for your family vacation?

My wife and I love the weather, people, food, nature, beach and the less stressful way of life there.


Where did you stay while you were in Victoria? How did you travel around?

We stayed at a hotel near Swanston Street which is easily accessible to most city attractions.


What are the top five things parents need to pack in their luggage when travelling with young children?

1. Medicines for the common illnesses

2. Milk formulas in packets

3. Favourite toys

4. Baseball cap

5. Thicker garments to prepare for colder weather


What were your family’s favourite places and activities?

We loved riding the steam train Puffing Billy at Dandenong Ranges, as well as travelling on their city trams. Another favourite memory was definitely visiting the penguins, koalas and wildlife at Philips Islands.


What would you say is a must-try for anyone who plans to visit?

There are so many attractions in Melbourne! If you ask me, I’d say you must visit The Nobbies at Philips Islands, where one can experience the incessant arctic winds, flocks of seagulls, magnificent waves and the great ocean that stretches to the horizon.


Are there any good, child-friendly tours that you recommend?

Yes, I recommend the tours to the koala conservation park and the mini zoos where you’ll see many local Australian animals like kangaroos and wallabies.


What is the ideal time frame for a holiday to Melbourne with young children?

October to November.

Is there a good range of food options for fussy stomachs?

Yes, definitely. If you’re not used to the local Australian food, you can find many Asian foods there too.


What are your top tips for families travelling to ___?

1. Plan your itinerary ahead.

2. Book your tour packages early.

3. Nothing else. Because you can find everything there!

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