5 kid-friendly restaurant options for the family


Having to choose between having a nice quiet meal or having a complete family meal can be a real challenge for parents.


Kids can be a handful, especially at a restaurant. From a child’s perspective, it can be hard for them to have to sit down in one place and keep quiet.


Also, doesn’t it annoy you when other customers “tsk” or glare at you? Here’s a short and simple guide that solves all of those problems.

1) Cafe Melba at Goodman Arts Centre – Whether you head down on the weekends or on the occasional Monday evening, Cafe Melba has just the option for you. The stunning 120-seat cafe serves classics like Eggs Benedict but at the same time local fusion dishes like a Kaya Tart. They have a promotion that allows children to eat for free with every main meal on Mondays and a huge castle to keep your little ones occupied on Sundays. On all the other days, the cafe provides a lawn for your kids to play on and possibly make some new friends. Sweet huh?


2) Slappy Cakes at The Grand Stand – Kill two birds with one stone with this ingenious and hands-on restaurant. Provide to your baby’s sweet tooth while at the same time keep them pre-occupied. Slappy Cakes is a pancake-based restaurant that allows you to create and cook your own pancakes yourself! They have options that range from sweet to savory, catering to kids and adults alike. So head on down and maybe you’ll discover a hidden culinary genius in your baby. 

3) The Bank Bar + Bistro at One Shenton – Class your meal up by visiting this swanky gem of a place at One Shenton. Parents will be occupied with the enormous variety of drinks and cocktails available to them as well as the number of different sports leagues available to be watched there. Each kid’s meal comes at just S$4.80 with every adult entree of over S$20. So if you and your spouse are feeling like having a nice date night but can’t get the nanny to come over, head down to the The Bank Bar + Bistro where each member of your family will be accomodated for.


4) Food for Thought at Botanic Gardens – Their catch phrase is to “Taste the good life” and with their selection of food, they’re giving us a taste alright. Whether is local comfort food, continental breakfasts or fusion dishes, Food for Thought has it all. Not only that, but their Botanic Gardens’ outlet has a playground as well, allowing for your kids to have just as much fun as you’re having, if not more!


5) Bricks ‘N’ Cubes at The Cathay – With their colorful design scheme and Rainbow Archway, your kids are sure to be transfixed as soon as they walk in. With iPads on every table and a healthy stock of Lego Bricks in the store itself, there will never be a dull moment for your children. The cafe features a variety of food, ranging from Western to even Mexican.


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