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17-19 Feb 2017


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Feb 2017


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Jan & Elly English Language School


Enter Jan & Elly. One of Singapore’s pioneers to use phonics systematically to teach pre-schoolers to read independently...



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10 Facts about Flu and Your Child


As October’s flu season approaches, flu vaccination has been the number one concern from parents. We speak with Professor Lee Bee Wah...


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One Parenting Trick We can Learn from Royalty


This is the one parenting trick practised by Prince William and Kate Middleton that we all need to practise as parents. Read on to find out what it is.


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5 Kid–friendly Restaurants to Try in October


When kids are younger, taking them to restaurants can be a nightmare. They like to run around, play rather than eating and let parents eat properly...



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7 Fun Things to Do on Children’s Day Weekend


First Friday of October is celebrated as Children’s Day. For parents, though every day is Children’s Day, First Friday of October is always special. As parents, we all would love ...


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Asia's Largest Learn Through Play Festival


From 12-14 August, Rise & Shine is bringing the best attended Learn Through Play festival in Asia to town. Children can learn new things and discover their talents while having fun through...


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